1. Dal Sasso Big Band : "The Palmer Suite"
    Dal Sasso Big Band

  2. Magic Malik Jazz Association
    feat. Olivier Laisney, Maxime Sanchez, Damien Varaillon & Stefano Lucchini

  3. Plume "Escaping the Dark Side"
    Plume (feat. Ambrose Akinmusire)

  4. Yotam Silberstein "Future Memories"
    Yotam Silberstein Quartet feat. John Patitucci

  5. Aubes et Crépuscules

  6. Jorge Rossy Vibes Quintet "Beyond Sunday"
    Jorge Rossy Vibes Quintet w/ Mark Turner and Al Foster

  7. Pj5 "I Told The Little Bird"
    Pj5 "I Told The Little Bird"

  8. Dmitry Baevsky & Jeb Patton "We Two"
    Dmitry Baevsky & Jeb Patton

  9. Nicolas Moreaux ''Far Horizons"
    Nicolas Moreaux

  10. Dexter Goldberg Trio ''Tell Me Something New''
    Dexter Goldberg Trio

  11. Romain Pilon "Copper"
    Romain Pilon featuring Seamus Blake and Pierre de Bethmann

  12. Fabien Mary "Left Arm Blues"
    Fabien Mary Octet

  13. Thiefs : Graft (la Greffe)
    Thiefs feat. Aaron Parks, Mike Ladd & Gaël Faye

  14. Olivier Bogé "When Ghosts Where Young"
    Olivier Bogé

  15. FOX + Chris Cheek: "Pelican Blues"
    FOX + Chris Cheek

  16. Laurent Coq Trio "Kinship"
    Laurent Coq

  17. Echoïdes
    House of Echo/Enzo Carniel

  18. Gil Evans Paris Workshop - Laurent Cugny "Spoonful"
    Gil Evans Paris Workshop - Laurent Cugny

  19. Sandro Zerafa "More Light"
    Sandro Zerafa

  20. Yotam Silberstein "The Village"
    Yotam Silberstein

  21. Yonathan Avishai Modern Times "The Parade"
    Yonathan Avishai Modern Times

  22. Sarah Lenka "I Don't Dress Fine"
    Sarah Sings Bessie Smith

  23. Christophe Dal Sasso "Les Nébuleuses"
    Christophe Dal Sasso Quintet + String Trio

  24. Laurent Courthaliac "All My Life, A Musical Tribute to Woody Allen"
    Laurent Courthaliac + 7

  25. AWAKE "As We Fall"

  26. Christophe Panzani "Les Ames perdues" (Piano Duets)
    Christophe Panzani

  27. Perchaud / Moreaux / Rossy "FOX"
    Pierre Perchaud / Nicolas Moreaux / Jorge Rossy Trio

  28. Romain Pilon "The Magic Eye"
    Romain Pilon Trio + Ben Wendel & Walter Smith III

  29. Laurent Coq & Walter Smith III "The Lafayette Suite"
    Laurent Coq & Walter Smith III

  30. Leïla Olivesi UTOPIA featuring David Binney
    Leïla Olivesi Quartet feat. David Binney

  31. Yonathan Avishai "Modern Times" Trio
    Yonathan Avishai

  32. John Coltrane: A Love Supreme
    Dal Sasso/Belmondo Big Band


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